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First Time Virgin Porn

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The first time I ever wrote about the big wide world of pornography, it was the mid-1980s and I was the "X-rated screen advisor" for the now-extinct Forum magazine. What a popular feature it was: I received enough letters to keep Miss Manners occupied for years. The questions ranged from "Who was that girl with the beautiful crossed green eyes who did the double penetration in a movie that started with an 'F'" to "Can you recommend erotica for the very, very shy" There was one question, though, that arrived in my mailbox almost every week: "I am a guy who would like to be in a porn movie. How do I get in"

Thousands of women have starred on the erotic screen since hardcore debuted in the early 1970s, but in all that time, there are only about a dozen men who have appeared regularly in straight porn. Those who joined the scene in the early days had theatrical training and/or movie careers -- veteran porn stud/director/producer Paul Thomas still makes me smile when I see him playing John the Baptist in "Jesus Christ Superstar."

We talked about the hard-on question too. Jack feels pretty relaxed about this. After all, it's only one time, a small, low-key production. What Jack doesn't know is how he'll get along with his scene partner, a professional named Chloe, who just won the female performer of the year award at a recent Oscar-style porn event. 153554b96e


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